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Daily Tasks / Shared Living

Daily Tasks / Shared Living

We know that over-the-counter help may seem overwhelming, so to create a balance in your life, we do not limit your freedom to carry out the activities you wanna do. Our care is not about limiting your movement or freedom but about being a support system that will help you live as freely and independently as possible. This support service will allow you to:

  • Perform daily activities independently without compromising your safety.
  • Perform self-care procedures under professional supervision.
  • Manage your budget and finances.
  • Be on top of your medication, health care and tracking progress.
  • Keep a record of all debts, bills & payments.
  • It helps you find other accommodation options that include shared life if needed.
  • Be up to date on all your work including writing emails and papers.
  • Maintain healthy personal and professional communication.
  • Manage your time effectively.

Under this service we also offer short term shared accommodation plans where you can connect with people in a safe environment. This will contribute to your growth and help you to alleviate the loneliness or boredom you may feel at home.